City of Burning Shadows

Joshua “Ash” Drake is a man in hiding.

Hiding from the past, from the horror of his life as a priest after the gods disappeared.

Hiding from his emotions, denying both the nightmares that haunt his sleep and the anger that fuels his days.

Most of all, hiding from the truth—that no matter how much he keeps his head down, no matter how he clings to the echoes of everyday life, his city—his world—is dying.

When a new technology offers salvation to his desperate city, Ash must reach out to people he left behind and step back into the world that almost killed him. But coming out of hiding now could be the worst mistake Ash has ever made.

Because there are monsters in the darkness, feeding the chaos, watching the city burn. And once those monsters know his name, Ash will never be able to hide again.



"[CITY OF BURNING SHADOWS] immediately grabbed me, immediately impressed me, and immediately impressed upon me that it was going to be a brilliant read."

Dan Smyth, Elitist Book Reviews

"I. Loved. A sci-fi book. This is a first. I’m so proud of myself, and I have Webb to thank for it."

LK Evans

"Who would I recommend it to? Well, I think anybody who has a love for both science fiction and fantasy, someone who likes a story which creates excellent mental imagery, will find much that pleases them in City of Burning Shadows."

Floresiensis, Fantasy Book Review

"City of Burning Shadows is the kind of book that you put down after a bout of reading and realize you had no idea how much time had passed."

Ria, Bibliotropic