What Dreams Shadows Cast

Book 2 of Apocrypha: The Dying World

Ash and the Price & Breckenridge team have brought water back to Miroc. They’ve bought time, but how long can one city survive when the rest of the world continues to fall apart?

But before they can fix it, Ash and his friends need to understand how the world broke in the first place. And that means asking questions—the sort of questions that attract the attention of the monsters who tried to destroy Miroc before.

Between new strangers moving through Miroc and the secret Jansynian project out in the desert, Ash has plenty of places to look for answers. The worst part is knowing who to trust, when any eyes could be hiding another shadow.

When those questions lead Ash deep underground, to a city hidden away by the gods themselves, Ash uncovers a secret that will change the world. But only if he can survive long enough to share it.