Midnight in St. Petersburg

Rose Daziani is a sensitive—a powerful psychic who can read the hearts of those around her and see things no one else can. It’s a neat party trick, but doesn’t exactly pay the rent. That is, until a mysterious phone call summons her halfway around the world to the exotic city of St. Petersburg, Russia, and offers her a job using those psychic gifts she’s kept secret all her life.

But it turns out there’s a reason Rose is worth so much to her employers. Her team—a vampire, a fairy hunter, and a priest Templar—can’t stop fighting with each other, mired in centuries-old grudges. The supernatural community of St. Petersburg is on the brink of war, and Rose herself has drawn the attention of a killer who will stop at nothing to get the vengeance he seeks. Rose will have to dig deep to find the truths that lie beneath the surface if she wants to succeed…or survive.